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MGIT Flexible Solar panels are the most convenient, lightweight and portable solar panels. The main advantage is low weight and its ability to take shape of the existing surface.

Flexible Solar captures sunlight and converts it to electricity on a flexible surface that can be bent and placed just about anywhere. A special manufacturing process called “thin film deposition” allows them to be flexible. Their light weight, rollable design makes thin film flexible solar panels ideal for many portable applications.

Flexible solar panels are perfect for a variety of solar applications that no solar solution was previously available for. Some popular uses of our flexible thin film solar panels include:

  • Installation on odd or curved surfaces
  • Placement on locations where conventional PV systems might be impractical to install.
  • Portable travel solar battery chargers
  • Portable solar power systems
  • Marine, automotive and ATV solar battery charging
  • Portable Solar lighting systems
  • Flexible, light-weight solar thin film material can drape over roofs.
About us

M.G.I.T SOLAR is a Division Of M.G.I.T Japan Export co.ltd with headquarters in Japan and branch office in India ,HK and Israel we focus on Hi tech sustainable green energy solution and we work directly with the most famous and reputable s Brands in the world like Sharp ,Kyocera etc in order to deliver our customers the best quality products in a competitive prices allow you the client to save electricity cost and contribute to a more clean and healthy environment , together with our business partners we gain a vast experience and executed many solar project around the Globe .No matter how small or big its your project we will do our best to meet your needs and wish that together we can contribute to a more clean safe and healthy world for our kids future.

Solar Promise

Energy from the sun can be used in many ways. With rising fuel costs, climate change concerns and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources such as solar power are becoming increasingly popular. Around the globe, businesses and homeowners are harnessing the power of the earth's most abundant natural resource - sunlight - to provide energy using solar power.

Solar energy can supply local power for on- and off-grid applications with zero noise pollution and air emissions.

By reducing the use of electricity created from fossil or nuclear fuels, we can all contribute to the health of the planet. Utilizing solar energy allows you to keep harmful by-products out of our air and water and we will be supporting cleaner energy, and also play a major role in preserving precious natural resources for years to come. In a way we will leave our beautiful planet earth greener and with lesser carbon footprints for our children and future generations.

Solar Power at 5 cents per kWh would be a world-changing breakthrough. It would make solar generation of electricity as affordable as generation from coal, natural gas or other non-renewable sources, without requiring a subsidy

Photovoltaic solar-energy conversion is one of the most promising technologies for generating renewable energy, and conversion of concentrated sunlight can lead to reduced cost for solar electricity. In fact, photovoltaic conversion of concentrated sunlight insures an efficient and cost-effective sustainable power resource.

Concentrated solar photovoltaic energy or CPV is a relative newcomer to the solar power arena and is showing signs of entering into a phase of very rapid growth. It works by concentrating the sun onto a small area of active PV, which operates at around thrice the efficiency of normal PV, and promises savings because it requires only a fraction of the photovoltaic material that normal systems require.

Concentrated Photovoltaic’s or CPV is a relatively new and promising form of solar energy that is now beginning to make it out into the market. CPV, like solar thermal systems, also known as CSP, first concentrates the incident solar energy onto a much smaller active area, which is where the sun’s energy is actually collected, but unlike CSP systems CPV uses photovoltaic technology to directly transform the highly concentrated photons into electricity, whereas CSP uses these concentrated photons to heat a working fluid, which then is used to generate electricity in a thermoelectric plant.

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MGIT SOLARはMGIT JAPAN EXPORT(株)の一つの事業であり、本部を日本の神戸に設け、支部をインド・香港・イスラエルに持つ企業です。
広範囲にわたるグローバルネットワーク、ロジカルな専門知識、そしてお客様へのサービスを基本とするアプローチをもって、MGIT SOLARはお客様のご希望のメーカー・価格・量・設置までにわたりご協力させていただきます。

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